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Maternity Insurance

 Who says that the types of insurance that people can choose and are useful for protecting are only health and life insurance? Basically, all types of insurance offered by insurance companies offer protection and protection that is very beneficial for their owners. However, because they don't understand what types of insurance companies offer, quite a few people miss out on the benefits of various insurance products.

One of them is providing insurance, which in fact is already offered by quite a lot of insurance companies in Indonesia. Through this insurance product, customers can get guaranteed medical services during the birth process. The choice of insurance for giving birth can also be adjusted to the conditions or needs of the family.

The question is, what is maternity insurance? Also, what things do you need to know regarding the type, benefits, premium costs, and how to submit a claim for this insurance product? Well, you can find an explanation for this question in the following explanation.

Maternity insurance, or it can also be called pregnancy insurance or childbirth insurance, is an insurance product that is able to cover all costs from the pregnancy process to delivery. The form of protection and benefits provided is to reduce the amount of medical costs related to pregnancy, such as examinations, delivery costs, and coverage of medical costs in the event of a miscarriage.

Usually, pregnancy insurance has a waiting period of 12 months before customers can get the coverage benefits. However, there are also a number of companies or insurance providers that offer product options with insurance benefits without a waiting period. So, customers can still get protection according to the policy whenever needed.

How important is the role of special maternity insurance?

Like other insurance products, maternity insurance has a role in ensuring that all costs required for the pregnancy and birth process are met. Therefore, this insurance is important to apply for customers who are planning to give birth by determining the HPL (Estimated Day of Birth).

Moreover, the cost of a normal birth or caesarean section is quite expensive, ranging from 5 million to 20 million Rupiah, prospective parents certainly need to prepare as much as possible to welcome their baby. One way is to provide pregnancy insurance.

Types of Maternity Insurance

Maternity Life Insurance

This insurance provides insurance money or compensation if the risk of complications during childbirth occurs. For example, a baby dies or is born with disabilities.

Private Health Insurance

This type of pregnancy insurance provides protection in the form of childbirth costs, both normal and cesarean, NICU costs, miscarriage costs, and examinations to prevent the risk of complications.


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