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Is There Maternity Insurance Without a Waiting Period?

 Maternity insurance without a waiting period is an insurance product that covers the costs of giving birth without having to wait for the policy to be active. Usually this product is quite rare. Because, usually maternity insurance products apply a waiting period of around a year from the time the insurance policy is purchased.

Generally, the waiting period for maternity insurance lasts 9-12 months until the customer proves positive for pregnancy so that the new mother can use the benefits of maternity insurance. Of course, this is a consideration that must be considered to protect the birthing process from a financial perspective.

So, what do prospective mothers need to know about birth insurance without a waiting period? The following are various things that have been summarized by the Lifepal team.

Maternity insurance benefits
In general, having maternity insurance means that the family, especially the mother-to-be, gets health insurance before giving birth. Moreover, pregnancy requires labor costs, medicines and even post-pregnancy examinations.

So, the benefits of maternity insurance include costs during pregnancy, the birth process and post-natal care.
Costs covered include caesarean section costs, outpatient care, and obstetrician consultation costs with a doctor. In fact, there are also several maternity insurance products that provide life insurance to the future baby.

Is there a maternity insurance product without a waiting period?
Although the majority of maternity insurance without a waiting period is rare, there are several products that offer it without this provision. Unfortunately, there are minimal choices from a number of insurance companies.

One of them is Prudential PRUMy Child from Prudential health insurance with premiums starting from IDR 400 thousand, from 20-32 weeks of gestation provided the mother's age is from 18 to 40 years. Apart from that, customers will also receive coverage of up to IDR 500 million and coverage for pregnancy complications up to 30 days from birth.

Types of maternity insurance
In general, there are two known types of maternity insurance. The following is the explanation.

1. Maternity Life Insurance
Maternity Life Insurance is a type of insurance that provides compensation benefits if complications occur during the birth process. Complications during the birth process can result in the baby being disabled or dying.

2. Private Health Insurance
This is a type of health insurance that provides reimbursement benefits for childbirth costs, both normal and cesarean. Apart from that, private health insurance that has maternity benefits also usually covers NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit) costs and examination costs.

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