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important for me to have insurance

 my father's condition has deteriorated further. January-March almost every month he is hospitalized, with different diagnoses, BPJS treatment is also minimal. Finally, in April, I took the initiative to take my father for treatment to a specialist without BPJS fees. It's really a very different treatment experience compared to BPJS. At your own expense, which is of course more expensive, we are starting to find out. What's wrong with Dad? The doctor suspected cancer in the prostate. Finally, starting from there, I took my father for treatment to a specialist in internal medicine, a specialist in oncology, until I also consulted with a special cancer hospital in Guangzhou, all at my own expense. Hospitalization also costs personal money, I don't want to use BPJS anymore because the procedures are long-winded in my late condition. Papa has gone downhill. But fate said differently, after efforts and efforts to treat the deceased. Papa, God called the late. My dad in October 2019. Miss u dad.

As children, of course we will devote all our abilities to be filial to our parents, right? That's what I do. My emergency fund was drained for transportation (Pekanbaru-Jogja plane) and my father's medical expenses, I pawned my gold savings. In total, it seems like you can buy a used LGCG car for approx.

From that incident I also learned that it is important for me to have insurance other than BPJS which I get from the office. Because relying on BPJS is also useless. Apart from me, even my mother, who is over 50 years old, registered life insurance, of course the premium is quite high. But I've learned my lesson. No matter how mature you are in preparing your financial condition, having investments, emergency funds, etc., there are still other risks that can arise.

My advice before buying life insurance, first study the insurance you are going to buy, whether pure or unit link. Each has its pluses and minuses. Consult with an agent, diligently read reviews on Google regarding the product you are going to buy. Live a healthy life


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