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Get to know the types and tips for choosing health insurance

 No one knows what will happen in the future. Therefore, preparing protection in the form of health insurance will give you peace of mind. The question is how to start? What can you get from health insurance products? And which health products will best protect your family? Here are the three most frequently asked questions before buying health insurance for the first time.

What type of health insurance do I need?
Health insurance terminology/terms can be confusing. For this reason, you need to understand it so you can choose the right health insurance policy for you. Below we explain several types of health insurance:


Critical illness products

In this type of health insurance product, customers will receive the sum assured at once when they are diagnosed with a critical illness covered by the policy (for example cancer), or after treatment or surgery which is included in the policy provisions.

Disability protection products
Disability benefits provide a fixed amount each month to replace lost income because you can no longer work due to accident or illness. Tools such as a disability coverage calculator can help estimate the amount you will need.

Inpatient payment products
Inpatient payments provide a daily allowance for the time you need to be hospitalized or have surgery.

Long term medical care products
This product pays a fixed monthly allowance for long-term care costs, such as medical care or full-time nursing costs.


Medical cost products
To choose the right health insurance, you need to know the medical costs of the product. This product replaces your lost income during hospitalization by paying a monthly benefit. Apart from that, you also get a daily allowance while you are hospitalized. You can also use these funds to pay for alternative treatment, replace lost monthly income, or pay for any needs that arise.


What should I look for in a health insurance product?
With so many choices, signing up for a health insurance product can be confusing. Here are several features that you should pay attention to when choosing the right health insurance to get maximum benefits.

Deductibles and co-insurance
Deductibles and co-insurance (where you cover medical costs up to a certain amount) generally apply to medical insurance products, and both keep your premiums affordable.

Claim limitations
This is a limit on the amount you can claim on a policy. For example, a medical expense policy may have claim limits for each disease or disability. So don't forget to ask our marketing staff how much can be claimed.

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